October 11, 2023

Quick Tips: How To Spy on Your Competitors Facebook and Instagram Ads

Why Check Competitors Ads?

Checking your competitors’ ads is an important part of competitive analysis and can provide several valuable benefits for your business or marketing efforts:

  1. Understanding Market Trends: By examining your competitors’ advertisements, you can gain insights into the current trends in your industry. This helps you stay up to date and adapt your marketing strategies to align with what’s working in the market.
  2. Identifying Effective Strategies: Competitors who are successful in their advertising campaigns often use effective strategies. By studying their ads, you can learn from their tactics, such as ad copy, design, targeting, and more.
  3. Refining Your Messaging: Analyzing competitors’ ads allows you to understand how they communicate with their audience. You can refine your own messaging to better resonate with your target demographic.
  4. Benchmarking Performance: You can compare your own ad performance to that of your competitors. This helps you identify areas where you need to improve and set benchmarks for your own campaigns.
  5. Discovering New Platforms: Competitors may be advertising on platforms or channels you haven’t explored. Studying their ads can reveal new advertising opportunities.
  6. Understanding Target Audiences: Examining your competitors’ ads can help you gain insights into their target audience and demographics. This can inform your own audience targeting strategies.
  7. Differentiating Your Brand: Analyzing competitor ads can help you identify gaps in the market or areas where you can differentiate your brand. You can tailor your campaigns to stand out in the industry.
  8. Optimizing Ad Spend: Understanding what your competitors are doing in terms of advertising can help you optimize your ad budget. You can focus on channels and strategies that have been proven effective by others.
  9. Adaptation and Innovation: By keeping an eye on your competitors, you can adapt quickly to changes in their strategies and innovate in response. This agility is crucial in a dynamic market.
  10. Avoiding Mistakes: Learning from both successful and unsuccessful competitor campaigns can help you avoid common pitfalls and costly mistakes in your own advertising efforts.
  11. Market Positioning: Studying competitors’ ads can help you understand how they position themselves in the market. This information can guide your own positioning strategy.
  12. Compliance and Ethics: Monitoring competitors’ ads can also help you ensure that they are in compliance with industry regulations and ethical standards. If you notice any violations, you can report them if necessary.

It’s important to conduct competitive analysis ethically and in compliance with privacy and intellectual property laws. While studying competitors’ ads can be valuable, it should be done within the boundaries of legal and ethical business practices.

How To Check Your Competitors Ads On Instagram

  1. Go to their Profile.
  2. Tap the three dots in the upper corner .
  3. Select About This Account.
  4. Under Active Ads you can view the account’s active ads in the Meta Ad Library, where you can see all the ads an account is running across Meta products.

In addition to viewing the active ads on that account, you will also be able to see the following:

  • Date Joined: This is the date the account was created. This helps people understand how long the account has been on Instagram.
  • Country: This is the country location based on the account’s activity. This helps people understand if the account is accurately representing their location on Instagram.
  • Former Usernames: This includes changes made to the account’s username, and helps people identify whether the account is authentic or misleading.
  • Accounts With Shared Followers: People will be able to see other public accounts that have the most followers in common with the account they’re viewing. This helps people identify accounts with similar interests.

How To Check Your Competitors Ads On Facebook

  1. Go To Your competitors Facebook business page
  2. 2 . Click on the “ABOUT” text in the menu
  3. Scroll down on the bout page until you see “page Transparency” then click “see All”
  4. scroll down o the bottom of the page until you see the title “Ads from this Page” then click the link “Go to Ad Library”
  5. Voila! you now can see your competitors live ads
  6. ***Pro Tip *** Click on see summery details then “see details” to see multiple versions of the ad***

How To Check Your Competitors Ads using Meta Library

What You can View in the META ads Library

  1. You can search for specific ads, advertisers, or keywords to see a list of ads related to your query.
  2. Click on individual ads to view details such as the ad creative, engagement metrics, and information about the Page that ran the ad.
  3. You can also filter results by location, date range, ad type, and Page category to refine your search.
  4. The Ad Library is a valuable resource for transparency and competitor research, as it allows you to see what ads are currently running and what messaging and creatives advertisers are using on the Facebook platform.

How to Check Competitors Ads Using Meta Library

  1. Go to the Link https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/
  2. Scroll down until you see “Search Ads”
  3. Fill in the information you want to search for and hit the search button
  4. Add filters to your search results by clicking the “filters” button under the search bar
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